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Flexico Floor Restoration Concrete Floor Resurfacing

Floor Restoration and Concrete Resurfacing Specialists
Rest assured knowing you are receiving the highest quality product and professional installation services with Flexico, Australia's leading floor restoration and concrete resurfacing experts.

Concrete floor restoration is typically associated with epoxy floor coatings or epoxy paint; however, the team at Flexico Australia are providing businesses and homes with a more flexible, longer lasting and superior strength floor restoration product: Citadel Floor Finishing System.

Using the industrial strength of Polyurea, Flexico Floor Restoration Floor Coatings are 4 times stronger with twice the adhesion of epoxy or urethane flooring. Flexico's Concrete Floor Coating is the ultimate solution for cracked, chipped, plain or stained concrete floors. Flexico create an attractive, non-slip, professional floor restoration process that begins with the treatment of underlying concrete, resolving all problems including cracks, damage and drainage issues. Enhance the appearance of your home, office or commercial flooring with Flexico Floor Restoration.

The flexibility of Polyurea Floor Restoration allows for fast installation in any environment at any temperature, 365 days a year. Achieve spectacular results with Flexico Australia.

Visit for more information or to find your closest distributor. Call 0422 668 449 to arrange an obligation free inspection and quote of your concrete flooring today.

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Posted 28th September 2011 in Concrete Floor Restoration.

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Drying Times

  • Walking - 2 Hours
    In as little as 2 hours after installation, you can be walking on your new floor.
  • Storing - 6 Hours
    In 6 hours, you can return shelves, furniture, and other fixtures.
  • Driving - 24 Hours
    In just 24 hours, you can drive and park vehicles on your new coating.

Flexicoat Flooring

  • Flexible Coating & Abrasive Resistant
  • Twice The Adhesion Of Epoxy
  • Environmentally Friendly EcoSafe
  • Suitable For Indoors & Outdoors
  • Non Slip Characteristics
  • Fast Cure Time - 24 Hours
  • 10 Year Domestic Warranty*
  • 5 Year Commercial Warranty*


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